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Welcome to Paglaum Training International

PTI is an innovative, Christ-Centered, non-government organization that has set out to collaboratively bring economic, social and spiritual reconciliation to the under-resourced in metro Cebu.

PTI provides under-resourced people with professional soft skills development designed to transform them into a strong, dependable workforce for Metro Cebu businesses. PTI then works with local vocational training partners to give its students the skills they need to be productive for your company as soon as they are hired or enter your company's on-the-job training (OJT) program. But when you partner with PTI, you're getting more than a manpower agency. You're getting an organization that can provide you with Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that make your organization more robust. Simply by hiring a PTI student, your organization is making a positive difference in your community, but PTI CSR initiatives don't stop there and neither do PTI's talent support services.

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