Providing professional soft skills development for under-resourced people to transform them into a strong, dependable workforce in metro Cebu & Metro Manila.

PTI is a DSWD-registered non-profit work-force development agency with a vision of helping under-resourced individuals reach economic stability through safe, sustainable, and gainful employment. PTI offers job readiness training, career coaching, scholarship opportunities, job referral assistance, and other career development services.

  • Job Readiness
    Training (JRT)

    A three-month training course teaching workplace soft skills, which is the foundation of our self-sufficiency program. We focus on two areas during the JRT: goal development and soft-skills training.

  • Career

    Through the assistance of career coaches, participants conceptualize and develop a detailed course of action for themselves and their families, helping them make future career and life decisions. Career coaches help work with clients to discover their skills and passions, explore their work options through field trips, create a personal vision statement, and create a focused plan for how to achieve their goals.

  • Scholarships
    & Tutoring

    We enable program participants to fill gaps between career goals and current capacity through vocational training, traditional, or non-traditional education. We tutor students preparing for the ALS exam, helping them earn their high school diploma. Students already in school receive support in communication skills, English and Filipino, Math, and Science.

  • Job Referral

    We provide program graduates with job application and resume assistance, interview preparation, and referrals to business partners to land jobs in promising workplaces protected by labor laws.

  • Social Enterprise
    Work Study

    We provide some participants temporary, part-time employment. This employment provides skills training and reinforces learning from the JRT. Additionally, it provides much needed income for underprivileged participants who are completing their education.

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Our Cebu Office

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