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PTI believes in the power of the church. PTI was formed because of a collaboration between a Christian human rights agency and a church. While PTI's primary focus is to provide opportunities for economic self-sufficiency for the vulnerable poor in Metro Cebu, its mission stretches to include the reconciliation of persons, economically, socially and spiritually. PTI knows that this mission is too big to accomplish without help, but believes in the ability of the church in Metro Cebu to make reaching its goals possible.

There are many ways the church can get involved in the work of PTI. The quickest way is to donate to PTI's ALIVE scholarship fund. While a majority of PTI's operating funds come from the USA, the PTI ALIVE scholarship program is supported locally through church, personal and business partnerships. Church bodies that become ALIVE scholarship partners will receive quarterly updates from PTI about how their money is affecting the lives of the vulnerable poor in their local community.

Another way churches can get involved is by assisting PTI in something called reintegration support. Reintegration support is the act of helping people who have come from traumatic backgrounds return home to their communities. By working closely with PTI's Director of Church Mobilization, your church can develop strategies to help show traumatized peoples God's love in practical and effective ways.

Another part of reintegration support is giving traumatized persons opportunities for education that they missed due to extreme life situations. Many PTI students have fallen behind in school and could use the help of English and math tutoring from local church members.

And of course, your church can always pray for PTI's initiatives and its students. PTI believes in the power of prayer, and seeks out partner churches to bring its petitions and praises to God.

If you or your church is interested in any of these opportunities, please contact Pastor Dave Shields, Director of Church Mobilization ( to learn how you can become a PTI partner and reach out to the vulnerable poor in your community.

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