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There are many ways to collaborate with PTI as a CSR partner. In addition to offering hiring partnerships, PTI also offers volunteer opportunities, and opportunities to change the lives of vulnerable young people in the local community by donating to exciting scholarship initiatives. Your organization can also partner by providing site visit opportunities to PTI students.

Early in the Job-Readiness Training course, each class is taken on a series of field trips to local businesses representing different industries that hire entry level employees. These visits give students an opportunity to see what it's like to work in each industry first-hand so they can start to formulate their specific industry goals. Partnering as a site visit provider is a great way for an organization interested in a PTI hiring partnership or another PTI CSR partnership to be exposed to PTI's programs.

To learn more about PTI's CSR initiatives contact PTI Placement Coordinator, Janice Ubaldo, at

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