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PTI believes in a market driven approach to training its students. Before PTI accepted any students, its Job Readiness Training course was established with Metro Cebu businesses in mind. The creation of the Job Readiness Training curriculum started with a survey of over sixty Human Resources Managers and Hiring Operations Mangers in Metro Cebu. The survey simply asked what employers were looking for in entry level employees. The results were clear. Metro Cebu employers are looking for entry level employees with "soft skills."

When asked to rank a set of seventeen soft skills commonly mentioned in preliminary manager interviews, local hiring managers gave PTI an inside look at what is most important for its students to succeed in the local workplace. These results and consultation from experts in economic sufficiency initiatives were the foundation on which the Job-Readiness Training Course was created.

The core of the Job Readiness Training course is a series of activities designed to teach the soft skills Cebu businesspeople look for in entry level employees. Before students get to the core of the curriculum, though, each of them is taken to visit business partners in different industries of interest, counseled in career opportunities from PTI's Career Counselor to select a specific industry of focus, and assisted in forming a personal vision statement and outlining their short and long term goals. Near completion of the curriculum, students are given an interview and resume training provided by PTI partner, LEAD Career Mover.

Once students complete the curriculum, they are assessed by PTI staff for readiness for the workplace and referred to positions with hiring partners or referred to pursue vocational training or education through PTI's ALIVE Scholarship Program.

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