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What will my money do?

100% of your contribution goes to the Scholarship Program: ALIVE, providing education and vocational training to students. Because this program respects the individual circumstances of every Scholarship recipient, each Scholarship requires a different level of support and financing depending on the specific cost of tuition, books, supplies, boarding, transport, mentoring and necessary logistical costs. Therefore, your contribution is combined with other donors' contributions to form a fund that covers all student expenses.

Scholarships are given based on three major criteria: level of economic disparity, personal motivation, and vocational/academic potential. PTI staff identifies students that most meet these criteria. After students apply for a scholarship, they undergo an application review and interview process. Students who emerge as scholarship recipients do so by demonstrating a great need for support, as well as the motivational drive to succeed.

After signing up for a recurring donation to ALIVE, you will receive quarterly updates on the status of the program, individual success stories and a look at the impact your funds are having.

The average cost of tuition is PHP 2,000 per month for vocational training; PHP 1,500 per month for secondary school; and PHP 3,000 for University students.

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