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Another exciting way for your organization to partner with PTI is by becoming a regular donor to its ALIVE scholarship program. The ALIVE scholarship program represents an incredible opportunity for your organization to give back to its community by providing education and vocational training to students who otherwise could not afford it.

PTI students come from backgrounds consistent with extreme poverty. Many PTI students exhibit potential to break the cycle of poverty, but almost none of them can afford to do it on their own.

Unemployment rates in the Philippines have approached 34%. Naturally, unemployment levels so high allow local businesses to set high standards for education and experience when hiring entry level employees. These high standards keep PTI's most needy students from breaking the chains of poverty as their limited education and experience keeps them from finding work.

The ALIVE scholarship program is exclusively for PTI students who graduate from the Job Readiness Training program and exhibit interest in a vocational training or educational program, but cannot afford the costs associated with them.

With a monthly donation of PHP 5,000 or more, your organization can become an ALIVE scholarship partner and change the lives of people in its community. Organizations that become ALIVE scholarship partners will receive quarterly updates from PTI about how their money is affecting the lives of the vulnerable poor in their local community. Becoming an ALIVE partner is easy. To learn more, contact PTI's Director of Church Mobilization, Dave Shields at

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