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PTI doesn't believe that all of its students have the same talents and abilities, so we do not force our students into jobs where they won't do well. Every PTI student spends the first few weeks of her Job-Readiness Training course outlining her life goals and the steps she will take to achieve them. Each student PTI refers to vocational training, on-the-job training or employment has a long-established desire to work in a specific industry. PTI strongly believes that people cannot achieve sustainable success in jobs that don't interest them. PTI prides itself in providing its business partners with consistent, productive employees who see their entry level jobs as important steps to a career in their industry of choice.

Partnering with PTI as a hiring partner means that PTI will contact your organization when a PTI student that fits your organization's needs is ready to enter the workforce. If your organization chooses to hire PTI students, PTI will continue to support your organization in developing them. PTI follows up with all of its graduates monthly to ensure they have everything they need to be successful in the workplace. PTI also regularly follows up with the Human Resources departments of its hiring partners to learn about where its students can improve.

Talent Support Services
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