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Vocational Training Partners

Learning Elements for Advanced Development (LEAD)

LEAD Career Mover is the first Professional Enhancement Center in Cebu that aims to help young professionals, executives, and students in developing and enhancing skills in order to help them in their career goals through trainings and short courses in the Business Process Outsourcing industry.

LEAD Career Mover provides highly skilled human resources for corporate needs. It is an accessible training facility for personal and group development, and can lend expertise in attaining achievable results over acceptable periods. LEAD primarily provides call center training, but has partnered with PTI to provide interview and resume writing training.

Banilad Center for Professional Development (BCPD)

BCPD prepares young women for employment or entrepreneurship through technical skills training and work ethics imbued with Christian values. The school is a project of the Foundation for Professional Training. Inc. (FPTI), a non-governmental organization that envisions "women committed to service and human development" with a focus on students from poor family backgrounds. FPTI operates five other vocational technical schools in Metro Manila and Laguna. BCPD provides opportunities for training in Commercial Cooking, Baking, Food and Beverage Services, Bartending, Hotel and Tourism, Housekeeping, and Front Office Work.

Cebu Systems Networks Administrators: Passerelles Numeriques (CSNA)

The goal of Passerelles Numériques (Digital Bridges) is to bring young people from poor backgrounds towards a qualified job in a promising area. The purpose is to give young people a real opportunity to become actors in the development of their country. The CSNA project, which is a part of Passerelles Numeriques, aims at contributing to bridging the digital divide, through the creation of an IT training center. CSNA is able to train and provide a qualified job to a large number of disadvantaged students. Each year, CSNA is continually working to match the needs of the local market and building up a fast growing industry sector. CSNA provides training in Informational Technology (IT) work while students simultaneously attend college at University of San Carlos.

Don Bosco Technology Center

Don Bosco offers a holistic education that provides students with skills training, general culture and values formation. It is an educational institution characterized by a dynamic Educative Pastoral Community, competent and committed in sharing the mission of St. John Bosco. Don Bosco is deeply dedicated to the integral development of the young, by delivering quality programs in basic and tertiary vocational education. This program is also undertaking relevant community services, which are responsive to the socio-political realities of the country. Don Bosco is intensely devoted to forming committed Christian individuals to be honest citizens with a heart for the poor. Don Bosco provides opportunities for training in Wiring Installation, Machining, Wood/Furniture Making, Computer Hardware, Small Engines, Refrigeration/AC, Plumbing, Basic Welding, Basic Carpentry, and Masonry.

Global Power Skills Development Center, Inc. (GPS)

GPS is a continuing educational program that offers courses to enhance accessory skills particularly related to the hospitality and tourism sectors. GPS develops and empowers students with knowledge, skills and attitudes that meet global standard requirements. GPS also assists graduates through career counseling and to be positioned in renowned organizations in the hospitality and tourism sectors. GPS provides opportunities for training in Bartending, Commercial Cooking, Barista, Food/Beverage, Baking/Pastries, and Housekeeping.

Gracie Q Creative Designs

Gracie Q is a business which designs and creates fashion accessories that are sold in the local market and also exported outside of the Philippines. This venture was born from a desire to develop new ways for people to have an alternative source of income. Gracie Q has partnered with Don Bosco Technological Center (DBTC) for several years and currently runs a vocational training program and showroom on the DBTC campus. Gracie Q only provides training in fashion accessories manufacturing.

Julie's Bakeshop

Julie's Bakeshop was established in 1981 as a business by Rodrigo and Julia Gandionco in Mandaue City. Today it is the largest bakeshop franchise in the Philippines with over 550 branches and outlets nationwide. Julie's Franchise Corporation offers vocational courses in food preparation, restaurant management and baking from its training center in Cebu City. Julie's Bakeshop will place students in one of their franchises after the successful completion of an in-house training program.

Manpower and Human Development Training Center (MHD)

MHD is an organization in Lapu Lapu with the goal of training un-skilled and un-employed men and women to acquire and develop excellent skills and learn what attitudes are desired in the workforce. This training is provided so that the trainees will become self-reliant, trustworthy, competent and dependable members of our community after two or three months of training. MHD provides training in garment manufacturing and other short courses in reflexology, fashion accessories manufacturing, and beauty culture.

Pinococo Handcrafted Jewelry

Pinococo is a recreational fashion accessories manufacturing center for anyone interested in fashion. This is not an established vocational training program. Instead trainees work on establishing new designs featuring raw materials from the Philippines along with fulfilling jewelry orders locally and abroad. Pinococo only provides training in fashion accessories manufacturing, but it has job placement in retail outlets within the area selling their own products.

Area Vocational Rehabilitation Center (AVRC)

AVRC is a vocational training facility established in 1974 under the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). The primary focus of AVRC II is to provide training for persons with disabilities to bring maximum functioning and encourage integration into the community. Within the last couple of years, they have included victims of trafficking into their training programs. AVRC provides opportunities for training in Cosmetology, Commercial Cooking, Food Processing/Preservation, Home Aid Services (Caregiving), Household Services, and Sewing Craft.

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